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Restoring Senior’s Function for a Better Aging Journey


For many aging individuals, achieving personal and physical independence in the place they have chosen to stay is an important factor. Some ways can help seniors regain their strength and help them learn basic skills to make their day-to-day aging more independent.

PARAMOUNT HOME CARE AGENCY, INC is a trusted provider of home health care services in Brooklyn, New York. We provide occupational therapy services to help seniors achieve an independent aging lifestyle.

Occupational therapy is a part of our elderly care programs that help restores seniors’ functioning. We have experienced therapists who can create a more specific care plan that could help seniors learn basic life skills, such as dressing, bathing, and other self-care routines each day.


The care plan made by our therapists is specifically tailored to meet the needs of every senior. We made this possible because we understand that every senior has unique needs from others. One advantage of this type of therapy service is that it can be performed at home where your senior loved ones feel more comfortable.

We can guarantee that our therapists are individuals who are passionate about their duties and responsibilities and will always put their patient’s needs first. If you want to know or discuss more about this type of care, we keep the lines in our Home Care Agency in New York open.

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